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Mars have shown their support for Women's Football for years through the introduction of their Support Her campaign. Using their connection with shoppers to try and build public support in the shopper space. 2022 saw a breakthrough, with the Lionesses winning the Euros.

Support & awareness is now at an all time high, so we continued to celebrate the support in 2023 by giving back to shoppers.

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Mars Wrigley wanted to continue their strong partnership with the English FA, by expanding their successful 2022 'Support Her' campaign into a promotional activation tailored for the 2023 Women’s World Cup.


Building upon their campaign from the Euros, the goal was to develop a compelling engagement strategy showcasing their brand KIND, alongside other fan favourites from their product portfolio.


The activation proudly features three key England players, Georgia Stanway (left), Chloe Kelly (middle) and Jess Carter (right). Putting the players at the forefront of the English campaign, helps us to immediately connect with Lioness fans, maximising our promotion engagement potential.

We then invite shoppers to Support Her for their chance to win amazing prizes. Using a BIG cash prize drives participation, whilst giving more chances to win throughout the tournament helps with repeat engagement through the entire promotion period. 

Support Case Study Static Images3.jpg
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Our goal with the Support Her look and feel was to capture the dynamism and energy of football, whilst winning purchases through the clear promotion message. Utilising patriotism in England.

To achieve this, we combined the player images with the England flag and colours, overlaid with bold, dynamic lines that convey player movement. These details gave us freedom to be creative, with the use of motion design for 6 sheets, online, and social content.

Outside of England, we developed an alternative key visual focusing on another set of superstars... the team of Mars Wrigley products.

This allowed the campaign to work in it's own unique way for the other home nations, whilst keeping a consistency with the English campaign, with the use of the energetic graphics.


The whole campaign was a resounding success. Overachieving on supermarket unit buy-ins, and exceeding participation targets.

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