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It’s THE great Christmas debate. Who is the nation's favourite Celebrations chocolate? Maybe more importantly, who isn't making the cut? This debate sparked Mars Wrigley's ‘Bounty-less tub’ PR campaign for Celebrations at Christmas.

They wanted to harness the hype of the PR campaign, sparking the question... how do we turn this into action?


Mars' had a great PR campaign (expertly engineered by Taylor Herring). Now they needed help to make that go even further.

It was our task to see how we could bring this to life for shoppers, and help create more engagement, and sales.

We needed to create creative solutions that addressed limited distribution to support demand, and continue generating more positive conversations.


Using the PR campaign as our launch pad, we were able to focus on how to bring in-store to life and how to drive sales and conversation.


Firstly we needed to design and produce the Bounty-less tub design, that would be a hero asset for our shopper activation. This would have the added use of supporting conversation and context online.

The Bounty-less tub’s distribution was limited to a maximum of five in-store Tesco locations. We had to create a shopper activation that linked to the PR campaign, that got round the location issues, and had to work with the traveling Tesco Christmas Market.

We approached the packaging design with several concepts, experimenting with the amount of Bounty branding that would appear on the limited-edition pack.

We landed on a balanced design that calls out the limited-edition status of the tub and clearly indicates the omission of Bounty. We avoided expressing any opinion on whether this is a good or bad thing, leaving it to the shopper to decide, facilitating the Bounty love-or-hate conversation.

​We utilised our in-house 3D team to create renders of the tub, giving us complete control of the product shot with added flexibility.

When we turned our attention to the shopper activation, we worked closely with Dunhumby so we could create a bespoke Tesco activation that really engaged shoppers. The result was to create a Text-To-Win campaign asking shoppers… ‘Would you Banish the Bounty?’. Furthering the conversation allowed us to gather data on Bounty popularity, which meant we were then adding extra value to the TTW mechanic, whilst giving more to Celebrations customers. 

Visually we made sure the campaign was on-brand and cohesive with the Tub graphic and PR campaign. We used the blue Bounty beach as a flexible holding device, and as with all our creative, we make sure it works across all platforms: print, digital and animation.

Limited store distribution presented a challenge as the campaign developed and we needed to find a new solution to make the ‘No Bounty Tubs’ available to shoppers.


We solved this by utilising the Tesco Christmas Market. Creating a Bounty exchange hut, where shoppers could choose to swap their regular Celebrations Tub with the Bounty-less version.

Continuing the Bounty debate with a counter-top totaliser, we could see which locations would like to Banish Bounty through a physical voting system. Celebrations could use this to create social media content online and keep the PR momentum rolling.

Hut Render E.jpg


During the week of the campaign launch, Celebrations tubs saw a HUGE increase in sales, out performing their closest competitor week-on-week.

Banish the Bounty became an online viral sensation. With 2.5 billion impressions in the first 24 hours (with no media spend). And trending #1 on twitter for two days, with just under 1 billion impressions on twitter alone.

The campaign made such a stir, it even grabbed the attention of the UK Prime Minister and other big name celebrities.



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