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Mars is committed to helping create an environment of ‘inclusion for all’. 

In 2021 Mars wanted to help raise awareness and show support for the LGBTQ+ community with the ambition of encouraging others to do the same through a nation wide campaign.



We were asked to help Mars with their goal to show support and raise awarenss for the LGBTQ+ community. The biggest objective for us was to create a campaign that felt authentic to the LGBTQ+ community. Not a ‘box ticking ‘on-trend’ campaign, but one that was genuine in it’s thought and execution.



Based on research and insights, there is compelling evidence linking; the LGBTQ+ community, mental health issues and the companionship of pets. The insights showed that a high number of LGBTQ+ people have a pet, and the possitive impact of pets on their mental health was significant.

The insights were the catalyst for the idea to partner with the LGBT Foundation, who have been running a LGBT+ helpline for 45 years. We used Pride (the biggest LGBTQ+ event of the year) as a way to join the conversation and create a campaign with the highest possible visibility and impact.

We encouraged Mars towards a single brand approach. DREAMIES™ was the best fit due to their great brand appeal across a wide demographic. The playful and vibrant nature of the branding also gave us a strong vehicle for the message and complimented the iconic ‘rainbow’ that was at the centre of the campaign look and feel.


We produced; internal engagement, a suite of in-store POS, online marketing material, trade engagement and influencer marketing packs. 

This resulted in:

  • 46% increase in calls made to the LGBT Foundation helpline during the campaign period.

  • 19.8% uplift in penetration during the campaign.

  • The highest share for 60g packs in 2021 at 24.1%.

  • 4% volume and 3% values sales uplift during the campaign period.


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