The Juice Retail Report

Juice Retail ReportIf you’ve been browsing our new website, you may have spotted references to the Juice Retail Report. Wondering what it’s all about? Don’t worry, that’s exactly what we’re here to tell you.

Specialists as we are in retail and in-store design, we like to keep abreast of what’s happening out there on the front lines. That’s why, every month, we send out our crack team of researchers to document everything that’s good (and bad) in a wide range of stores. Armed only with their wits and a digital camera, they prowl the aisles looking for anything that catches their eye. As for the rumours that we also give our researchers advanced ninja training to help them fulfil their mission … well, they’re mostly untrue.


The result of all this information-gathering is the Juice Retail Report, up to 100 pages of pictures and commentary from the top 4 UK groceries and many other retailers besides. In each report you’ll find studies of displays and promotions across a wide range of selected channels, all annotated with our views and opinions about what works and what doesn’t.

We use the reports in-house as an integral part of our creative process. The good news is we also like to share what we’ve learned. Applying to receive a copy of the Juice Retail Report couldn’t be simpler. Just click here to request your subscription.