Juice Retail Report – Summer 2014

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Juice Retail Report - July 2014July 2014

Our July 2014 Retail Report is another big summer issue, containing 102 pages that are just brimming with the latest in-store innovations.

As you’d expect at this sunny time of year, the seasonal aisles have been dazzling customers with a host of holiday promotions. What’s more, there are still plenty of World Cup and Ramadan displays still in evidence, so whichever way you look there’s something exciting to see.

Retailers visited: Asda, Boots, Sainsburys, Morrisons, Tesco, The Co-op, Pets at Home, Woodlands Garden Centre, Wilkinsons, WHSmith and various other high street locations.

Juice Retail Report - August 2014

August 2014

Our August 2014 Retail Report is a special international edition. Our intrepid reporters took to the air to bring you photos and commentary of what’s cool on the continent and beyond.

Their exclusive dossier is more compact than our usual reports, but it still runs to an impressive 62 pages.

Retailers visited: Géant Casino, E LeClerc, Carrefour and other smaller stores in France and USA.

Juice Retail Report - September 2014September 2014

We’re back to our regular UK format with the September 2014 Retail Report, which boasts a whopping 125 pages. There’s the usual analysis of in-store merchandising and display, including scoops on the first Halloween and Christmas promotions that are gradually appearing in the retail environment.

In this edition, you’ll also find our new “We’ve Noticed” column, in which we comment on a noteworthy trend we’ve spotted in-store. What did we spot this month? You’ll have to download the report to find out!

Retailers visited: Asda, Sainsburys, Morrisons, Tesco, The Co-op, Pets at Home, Wilkinsons, Poundland, Poundworld, Toys R Us, Staples, Aldi, Londis, Nisa, Costcutter, The Range and various other high street locations.

Don’t forget, to download any of the Retail Reports, just visit our free subscription page. If you want a sneak preview, here’s a brief extract from the July 2014 edition:

Tesco - Luggage Standee

This standee caught our eye in Tesco, with its stunning departure board header and luggage carousel base …

Wilkinson - Play-Doh Dumpbin

Sometimes simple is best, a theory proved by this beautifully executed dump bin in Wilkinsons …

Sainsbury's - Hooch Secondary Packaging

We love this seccondary packaging for Hooch, as seen in Sainsbury’s – it works really hard on shelf …