Burton’s Fish’n’Chips Triumph

Burton's Fish'n'Chips Share BagCongratulation to Burton’s Biscuits, who have just won a prestigious Product Launch of the Year award in the 2014 Retail Industry Awards.

The award – in the “crisps and snacks” category – was snapped up by Burton’s Fish’n’Chips. Prior to the launch, the baked snack biscuits were voted the number one retro snack the nation wanted to see brought back.

According to Burton’s Biscuits:

Originally from the 80’s, Burton’s Fish’n’Chips are a tasty fish and chip shaped snack with an eye watering flavour hit of salt and vinegar. Available in packs for on the go and packs for sharing, they’re great anywhere.

Juice Creative played a pivotal role in the relaunch of these nostalgic nibbles. Our first task was to design a range of trade communications, including a set of cheeky “takeaway” sales presenters.

Once we’d engaged the buyers, we created a suite of mouth-watering in-store promotion and display items – including posters, shelf barkers, free standing display units, and even a set of funky “chip-cone” dump bins – all designed to catch the eye and shout out the irresistible message: “They’re Back!”

2014 Retail Industry Awards

The Retail Industry Awards present themselves as the “Oscars” of the grocery industry, rewarding retailers of all sizes from small independent grocers to large retail chains. This year’s awards ceremony took place on Saturday 25 September at the Grosvenor House Hotel, Park Lane, London.

The Product Launch of the Year awards recognise products that are available to the independent/convenience sector. There are eleven categories: alcohol, chilled and frozen, confectionery, crisps and snacks, grocery, health and beauty, household, newspapers and magazines, non-food, soft drinks, and tobacco. The crisps and snacks category includes crisps, corn snacks, rice snacks, nuts and cereal bars.