Bringing back Burton’s Fish’n’Chips

Burton's Fish'n'Chips Share BagYes, it’s true – Britain’s favourite retro snack is back! Popular 1980s nibbles Burton’s Fish‘n’Chips, recently voted the nation’s favourite retro snack by readers of The Sun, have returned to the shelves.

Nearly one third of people who took part in the national newspaper poll voted for Fish‘n’Chips, creating a unique opportunity for Burton’s Biscuits to engage with all those customers hungry for nostalgia … and to excite a whole generation unfamiliar with the mouth-watering brand and ready to get their taste buds wrapped around something new.

Having won a competitive creative pitch, Juice Creative took on the task of designing and delivering the Burton’s Fish‘n’Chips in-store launch campaign. First came the trade communications, showcasing our cheeky takeaway sales presenters.

Once we’d engaged the buyers, we created a suite of mouth-watering in-store promotion and display items – including posters, shelf barkers, free standing display units, and even a set of funky “chip-cone” dump bins – all designed to catch the eye and shout out the irresistible message: “They’re Back!”

As well as making a splash in-store, we also used our innovative AR (augmented reality) technology to create a series of interactive head office events, inviting people to net themselves a virtual fish and photograph their catches for posterity.

Consumer response to the relaunch has been overwhelmingly positive, with social media spreading the word at an astonishing rate. Here’s what Stuart Wilson, Chief Marketing Officer at Burton’s Biscuits, has to say about the event:

Consumers and the trade have been petitioning for the reintroduction of Burton’s Fish‘n’Chips through high profile campaigns which have grown in momentum recently. Now is definitely the right time to reintroduce Burton’s Fish‘n’Chips to complement our existing range of Great British brands.

Burton's Fish'n'Chips in-store campaign by Juice Creative