The Juice Family Day Out

Drayton Manor Park LogoThe entire Juice workforce – families and all – descended on Drayton Manor Park last weekend for a big day out in the glorious summer sunshine. Oh, all right, it rained a bit. But we didn’t let the weather dampen our spirits. We are British, after all!

The West Midlands theme park, with its mix of white-knuckle rides and child-friendly attractions, proved the perfect venue for Juice kids of all ages, from toddlers all the way up to those with, ahem, one or two grey hairs. Everyone did their own thing, but we all met up for a communal lunchtime picnic under the big awning in the middle of the park, just in time to plan the afternoon’s activities and compare notes on the day’s highlights.

What’s that? You want to know what some of those highlights were? Okay, here goes:

  • The kookaburra in the zoo laughing at all the people gawping at it
  • Lots of firsts for the children, including an overnight stay in a camper van and, for some, their very first trip to a theme park at all
  • Hot donuts!
  • One of the Juice directors looking suspiciously like he’d passed out on the Apocalypse ride photo
  • The giant fibreglass dinosaurs prompting one of the little ones to ask, “Are they real?” … and one of the older ones to ask, “Are they actual size?”
  • Deciding not to go on the log flume so as not to get wet … only to get drenched by a downpour shortly afterwards
  • A budding romance between two of the younger members of the party …
  • The smart decision to bring along partners who were content to look after phones, wallets and pushchairs while their other halves got propelled at high speeds around a variety of looping metal tracks
  • Scaring people while they were looking at the tarantulas in the zoo
  • Having the high-speed thrills of the Shockwave rollercoaster enhanced by the jet-wash effect of a perfectly-timed rain shower
  • And finally … simply enjoying the opportunity to meet up with colleagues and their families, hanging out and having a great time

Happy summertime, everyone!