Juice highly rated on RAR Register

Juice is on the RAR Recommended Agencies RegisterThanks to some glowing testimonials from our clients, Juice Creative is climbing the ranks of RAR – the Recommended Agencies Register. Looks like we must be doing something right!

RAR is an online tool popular with marketing and procurement professionals. It has a searchable database of marketing suppliers, but here’s the thing: the database only contains companies who come recommended by satisfied clients.

For people searching for the right supplier, that means the wheat has already been sorted from the chaff. For companies like Juice, it’s a credible badge of honour we can wear with pride – and which can make a very real difference to the process of generating new business leads.

As well as producing the register itself, RAR also offers a wide range of services including pitch management and fee negotiation, as well publishing a variety of special reports via The Drum.