FSC accreditation makes Juice greener than ever

FSC Chain of Custody certificateWe love trees! Why wouldn’t we? Without trees, we wouldn’t be able to enjoy a walk in the woods or toast marshmallows over a roaring log fire. Trees fill up the atmosphere with oxygen, which is handy if you like breathing. Anyway, without trees, where would all the Ewoks live?

Joking aside, we believe it’s really important for all companies to put their money where their mouth is when it comes to the environment. In a business like ours, where we deal with large quantites of printed material on a daily basis, using resources responsibly is always going to be high on the agenda.

That’s why we’re especially proud to announce that, as of this week, Juice Creative has been fully certified by the Forest Stewardship Council in recognition of our green credentials. Our new status means we now hold a FSC Chain of Custody certificate for the design, print and supply of printed stationery and promotional material.

So what does that mean for our business – and in particular for our clients? Here’s what the FSC has to say about the certificate:

FSC Chain of Custody certification allows companies to label their FSC products, which in turn enables consumers to identify and choose products that support responsible forest management.

But what exactly is the FSC? It’s a global organisation whose mission it is to promote ethical forest management throughout the world. Its three key aims are to support forestry that’s environmentally appropriate, socially beneficial and economically viable. Not surprisingly – just like us – those folk at the FSC really love trees.

Here at Juice Creative, our corporate colour has always been green. The FSC certificate proves our working practices are too.