Cathedral City Baked Bites

Cathedral City Baked Bites On-ShelfYou like biscuits, right? Cheese too? Then you’ll love what we’ve designed for Burton’s Biscuits to help launch their new product: Cathedral City Baked Bites.

When Burton’s Biscuits teamed up with Cathedral City, the nation’s favourite cheese brand, they invited Juice Creative to deliver an integrated launch and activation package. A strong creative concept was a must, so we worked closely with our client to explore a wide range of visual treatments and copy options.

The undoubted strength of the Cathedral City brand is a powerful asset for any new product launch. However, it raised an unexpected challenge, because this is the first time the brand has ventured outside the dairy category. The Cathedral City brand identity is so strong that many consumers, upon seeing the familiar logo and colours, will automatically assume they’re looking at cheese.

So, without diluting the brand presence, we had to make it crystal clear the product being promoting was not a cheese, but a savoury biscuit.

Our solution was a simple but highly effective combination of hero pack shots and a bold headline shouting out the key proposition: “Baked with Real Cheddar”.

Once we’d locked the concept, we forged ahead to design, produce and roll out a suite of in-store material. Using our expertise, experience and close connections with the trade, we developed our concept across a huge range of POS and promotional channels. You can see a selection of items from the suite on our Cathedral City Baked Bites portfolio page.

Even now, our POS armada is sailing into the UK’s major retailers nationwide, from the big four supermarkets through to other grocery retailers, convenience stores and cash & carry. Add to that our eye-catching trade adverts and internal comms, and you’ll see we’ve served up a delicious treat for both the consumer and trade alike!

“We are developing a unique, high quality proposition that will take Cathedral City outside of the dairy category and into Savoury Snacking biscuits” – Stuart Wilson, Chief Marketing Officer, Burton’s Biscuits

“We know that there is a huge opportunity in snacking and now there is a new way people can enjoy the nation’s favourite cheese brand” – Laura Downey, Head of Marketing, Dairy Crest