Pall-Ex Direct Mail – Food

Pall-Ex food mailer

A good piece of direct mail is like a well-cooked meal. For a start, it has to look so delicious that you can’t stop yourself tucking in. It must also be easy to digest. Finally, it has to leave you feeling satisfied.

We thought hard about all this when were invited by Pall-Ex – the UK and Europe’s leading palletised freight distribution network – to create a direct mail campaign designed to target a specific sector of their market – namely the food industry. Knowing that all Pall-Ex freight is processed through a clean, secure hub, we were inspired to create this simple but memorable “food can” mailer.

When the can lands on the recipient’s desk, it offers no clue about what it contains. Nevertheless, the strong branding and engaging mechanic invite immediate investigation. Opening the can reveals a rolled-up mini-presenter detailing the benefits offered by Pall-Ex to the food industry, rounded off by a strong call to action.

Talk about a tasty treat!