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POPAI Awards 2015 Nomination

Oakley Prizm Display

We’re delighted to announce that Juice Creative has been nominated in the POPAI Awards 2015. The category is “Shop in Shop”, and the project that won us the nomination was the launch of Oakley Prizm™, a range of snow goggles using a revolutionary lens technology designed to enhance contrast and visibility.

The POPAI Awards represent the best the retail marketing industry has to offer in all areas of in-store communication. With a revised format, this year’s awards will be judged by a distinguished panel of leading retail and brand experts. The nominations for the 2015 Awards were announced at an exclusive event in central London hosted by Declan Curry.

The POPAI Awards 2015 winners will be announced on Thursday 3 September, in a special gala dinner at the Lancaster London Hotel. Click here to book your place.

Pumping up the Portfolio

Most design companies would agree that keeping your portfolio up to date is a never-ending task. In fact, it’s a bit like painting the Forth Bridge! Still, over the past couple of weeks we’ve managed to upload some of our favourite recent projects … and we’re busily preparing lots more.

Here’s a few examples from our latest body of work …

Maryland Mix'ems product launch by Juice Creative

First up is this vibrant in-store and trade campaign for Maryland Mixems. Our client Burton’s Biscuits asked us to create a full suite of communications material to promote the launch of this new range of cookies containing special ingredients like candy shells, fruit jellies, chocolate chunks and toffee popcorn.

Taking our cue from the bright colours of both the packaging and the special ingredients, we developed a versatile range of design assets. As well as designing trade and consumer ads, and various items of POS, we also created brand guidelines to ensure the consistent application of our new look-and-feel across all applications.

Aqata Brochure by Juice Creative

Second is this stylish new brochure we designed for Aqata, a UK company with around 30 years of experience designing and manufacturing luxury shower enclosures and showering products. The client wanted to promote the family-owned nature of their business, with an emphasis on quality and craftsmanship.

We developed a new luxury look for the Aqata brochure built around high-quality photography – which we art directed – and a suite of cutting edge CG product renderings.

In terms of layout, we rebuilt the brochure from the ground up, to ensure clarity of communication and ease of navigation. We also incorporated feature spreads highlighting special design elements and hand-crafted details.

Oakley Prizm Display


Finally we have this slick in-store demonstration system for Oakley Prizm™, a range of snow goggles using a revolutionary lens technology designed to enhance contrast and visibility.

For this one-off display in Oakley’s flagship store, we designed a simple, monolithic pedestal to make the most of the eye-catching Oakley Prizm graphics, and to support the video display essential to the interactive shopper experience.

For more details about these and other projects, visit our portfolio page.

Juice Retail Report – May 2015

Juice Retail Report - May 2015

Look inside the May 2015 edition of our regular Juice Creative Retail Report and you’ll find 75 pages of exclusive photos and insight exploring the latest retail trends. In the course of our research this month, we looked at 14 distinct categories, from Bakery to Dairy, Healthcare to Stationery. We also explored the seasonal aisles, and made sure we recorded anything else that captured our interest.

This latest retail report also includes our regular commentary column. This month, we’re revisiting the Great Supermarket Price War:

Nearly halfway into 2015, the focus on lower pricing looks set to stay as the multiples continue to compete with the discounters. This is no easy task. While 57% of shoppers are still using supermarkets for their main shop, 14% are now using discounters – a rise from 3% in the last four years alone. As for the recent performance of the big retailers … well, it hasn’t made for pretty reading!

The column goes on to analyse the latest price war strategies of the UK’s big grocery retailers, and offers speculation about what’s to come in the ongoing battle for retail supremacy.

To download the May 2015 edition of the Juice Creative Retail Report, visit our free subscription page. Here’s a small selection of its contents to whet your appetite:

Badger Beer in Tesco

The iconic badger of Badger Beers works well spread over two faces of the packaging. This base shelf position in Tesco helps too.

Surf in Morrisons

These hanging fins in Morrisons look fabulous – super-simple so that the Surf brand and creative really stand out.

Gorilla Glue in B&Q

This HUGE Gorilla Glue display in B&Q looks amazing from every angle. The graphics are great and tie in well to their ATL campaign.

Juice Retail Report – March 2015

Juice Retail Report - March 2015

The March 2015 edition of our regular Juice Creative Retail Report contains 60 pages of images and insight exploring the latest retail trends. Inside the retail report, you’ll find 13 categories, including Biscuits, Garden, Petcare and Rice, to mention just a few.

In our regular commentary column, we take a look at the latest packaging and signage trends:

More and more in-store we’re seeing some fantastic examples of the “finished article” being shown on POS and packaging. This makes for some really interesting and striking designs and is changing the landscape both on and off shelf.

To download our latest Retail Report, just visit our free subscription page. If you’d like a sneak preview, below is a brief extract from the March 2015 edition:

Food to fall in love with

The nice copy on this eye-catching die-cut wobbler in Waitrose nudges consumers towards a seasonal Valentine’s Day impulse buy.

Sainsbury's Red Nose Persil

The Persil “Red Nose” packs are our favourites of the year so far, and they stand out a treat on these Sainsbury’s security shrouds.

Purina Adventuros display unit

We love this unusual Purina unit with its integral bin and hanging options, as spotted in The Range home, leisure & garden store.

Juice Retail Report – January 2015

Juice Retail Report - January 2015

The January 2015 edition of our regular Juice Creative Retail Report contains 88 pages of images and insight exploring the latest retail trends, including exclusive photographic research showing what’s been happening in-store. The retail report’s content is divided into 22 categories, including Cooking Sauces, Healthcare, Ready Meals and many more.

This month, we’ve also included a special section looking at the Price War currently being waged by the UK’s major grocery stores. As the report comments:

You have only to step into the car park of one of the Big Four retailers to see that the Price War is a massive focus for them. At the same time, they are all being squeezed by the march of the Discounters. What we are interested in is which retailers are doing a great job of communicating their price messages in-store. It will be really interesting to see how these campaigns evolve – and for how long they continue. We’ll be keeping our beady eye on each retailer’s business results, to see if there is any correlation between them and the activities we observe in-store.

To download our latest Retail Report, just visit our free subscription page. If you’d like a sneak preview, below is a brief extract from the January 2015 edition:

Sainsbury's Halloween aisle fins

This Tesco foyer display works well in their Price War campaign, hammering home the “branded cheaper” message.

Fox's Biscuits floor sticker

Very clever parasite unit for Tic Tac – the hooks are part of the base, and simply click out and connect to make it hang.

Daim display unit

We love the gorgeous design of this free-standing Vaseline unit – even if its base isn’t standing up to the rigours of Tesco!

Juice Retail Report – October 2014

Juice Retail Report - October 2014

The October edition of our regular Juice Creative Retail Report contains 123 pages of exclusive photos and insight into the latest in-store retail trends. The content is broken into 24 categories, from Bakery and Biscuits, to Petcare, Toys, Halloween and – of course – Christmas.

In our “We’ve Noticed” feature, we’ve got something to say about the current popularity of one particular colour for merchandising and point of sale. Yes, in the retail environment, it appears that black is back.

To download our latest Retail Report, just visit our free subscription page. If you want a sneak preview, here’s a brief extract from the October 2014 edition:

Sainsbury's Halloween aisle fins

These Halloween aisle fins in Sainsbury’s really bring the season to spooky life …

Fox's Biscuits floor sticker

We love the crumb effect on this Fox’s Biscuits floor sticker, spotted in Morrisons …

Daim display unit

The giant candy bar creates a great impact on this unit at East Midlands Airport …

Juice Retail Report – Summer 2014

Juice Retail Reports are like buses. You spend ages waiting for one, and then three come along at once! Downloading these monthly in-store surveys couldn’t be simpler. Just visit our subscription page and sign up – it’s free!

Juice Retail Report - July 2014July 2014

Our July 2014 Retail Report is another big summer issue, containing 102 pages that are just brimming with the latest in-store innovations.

As you’d expect at this sunny time of year, the seasonal aisles have been dazzling customers with a host of holiday promotions. What’s more, there are still plenty of World Cup and Ramadan displays still in evidence, so whichever way you look there’s something exciting to see.

Retailers visited: Asda, Boots, Sainsburys, Morrisons, Tesco, The Co-op, Pets at Home, Woodlands Garden Centre, Wilkinsons, WHSmith and various other high street locations.

Juice Retail Report - August 2014

August 2014

Our August 2014 Retail Report is a special international edition. Our intrepid reporters took to the air to bring you photos and commentary of what’s cool on the continent and beyond.

Their exclusive dossier is more compact than our usual reports, but it still runs to an impressive 62 pages.

Retailers visited: Géant Casino, E LeClerc, Carrefour and other smaller stores in France and USA.

Juice Retail Report - September 2014September 2014

We’re back to our regular UK format with the September 2014 Retail Report, which boasts a whopping 125 pages. There’s the usual analysis of in-store merchandising and display, including scoops on the first Halloween and Christmas promotions that are gradually appearing in the retail environment.

In this edition, you’ll also find our new “We’ve Noticed” column, in which we comment on a noteworthy trend we’ve spotted in-store. What did we spot this month? You’ll have to download the report to find out!

Retailers visited: Asda, Sainsburys, Morrisons, Tesco, The Co-op, Pets at Home, Wilkinsons, Poundland, Poundworld, Toys R Us, Staples, Aldi, Londis, Nisa, Costcutter, The Range and various other high street locations.

Don’t forget, to download any of the Retail Reports, just visit our free subscription page. If you want a sneak preview, here’s a brief extract from the July 2014 edition:

Tesco - Luggage Standee

This standee caught our eye in Tesco, with its stunning departure board header and luggage carousel base …

Wilkinson - Play-Doh Dumpbin

Sometimes simple is best, a theory proved by this beautifully executed dump bin in Wilkinsons …

Sainsbury's - Hooch Secondary Packaging

We love this seccondary packaging for Hooch, as seen in Sainsbury’s – it works really hard on shelf …

Juice Wins POPAI Awards

We’re immensely proud to have won two awards in this year’s POPAI UK & Ireland Awards. We received the awards last night at the prestigious 2014 POPAI UK & Ireland Awards ceremony, which was held at The Tower, St Katharine’s Way, London, and hosted by Marcus Brigstocke. Both awards were presented in the Grocery & General Merchandise category, for work done by Juice Creative on two national in-store campaigns.

Here are the details of the winning projects:

Pedigree Donation Bin

Grocery & General Merchandise – Permanent Display

Our award-winning project in the Grocery & General Merchandise – Permanent Display category was this dog food donation bin, which we created for Mars Petcare UK as part of the Pedigree “Feeding Brighter Futures” Campaign.

The target environment for the bin was the major multiples – Tesco, Morrisons, The Range, The Co-op.

Over 800 MDF Pedigree donation bins were sited, and reports from the trade continue to confirm how effective they are as means to engage with customers.

Whiskas WWF CampaignGrocery & General Merchandise – Temporary Display

Our award-winning project in the Grocery & General Merchandise – Temporary Display category was this massive in-store campaign for Whiskas and WWF, which we created for Mars Petcare UK.

Whiskas asked Juice to develop the campaign to support their WWF-partnered on-pack promotion. We developed our creative treatment across multiple formats and channels, then rolled it out nationwide.

The campaing was a tremendous success, with in-store KPIs not only met but doubled – and in some cases quadrupled. It was also showcased as “best practice” in the Waitrose Brand Guidelines.

About POPAI UK & Ireland

POPAI UK & Ireland is a not-for-profit trade association dedicated to the point-of-purchase industry and shopper marketing. The association conducts research and organises conferences, industry awards, seminars and best practice programmes. Its membership includes retailers, brands, manufacturers and agencies. Worldwide, POPAI boasts over 1,400 members across 45 countries.

Burton’s Fish’n’Chips Triumph

Burton's Fish'n'Chips Share BagCongratulation to Burton’s Biscuits, who have just won a prestigious Product Launch of the Year award in the 2014 Retail Industry Awards.

The award – in the “crisps and snacks” category – was snapped up by Burton’s Fish’n’Chips. Prior to the launch, the baked snack biscuits were voted the number one retro snack the nation wanted to see brought back.

According to Burton’s Biscuits:

Originally from the 80’s, Burton’s Fish’n’Chips are a tasty fish and chip shaped snack with an eye watering flavour hit of salt and vinegar. Available in packs for on the go and packs for sharing, they’re great anywhere.

Juice Creative played a pivotal role in the relaunch of these nostalgic nibbles. Our first task was to design a range of trade communications, including a set of cheeky “takeaway” sales presenters.

Once we’d engaged the buyers, we created a suite of mouth-watering in-store promotion and display items – including posters, shelf barkers, free standing display units, and even a set of funky “chip-cone” dump bins – all designed to catch the eye and shout out the irresistible message: “They’re Back!”

2014 Retail Industry Awards

The Retail Industry Awards present themselves as the “Oscars” of the grocery industry, rewarding retailers of all sizes from small independent grocers to large retail chains. This year’s awards ceremony took place on Saturday 25 September at the Grosvenor House Hotel, Park Lane, London.

The Product Launch of the Year awards recognise products that are available to the independent/convenience sector. There are eleven categories: alcohol, chilled and frozen, confectionery, crisps and snacks, grocery, health and beauty, household, newspapers and magazines, non-food, soft drinks, and tobacco. The crisps and snacks category includes crisps, corn snacks, rice snacks, nuts and cereal bars.

Juice Retail Report – June 2014

Juice Retail Report June 2014

There’s usually a lot going on in-store during the summer months. That’s why you’ll be glad to get your hands on the June edition of the Juice Retail Report.

As always, the report is packed full of photos and commentary about everything that’s happening in-store. The new June issue boasts 121 pages, and includes a special section on the key in-store events mounted by the UK’s major grocery retailers: Brazil 2014, Father’s Day and Ramadan – not to mention the multitude of promotions celebrating the Summer Season.

As well as the special events, you’ll also find our regular round-up of merchandising display trends across a wide range of categories, from Biscuits and Dairy to Healthcare, Hosiery and Petcare. We’ve also found further evidence of the ongoing retail price war, and picked out a handful of notable promotions such as Tesco’s Lifestyle Food Fair.

So how do you get your hands on the Juice Retail Report? Simple. Just visit our subscription page and sign up – it’s free! To show you what to expect, here’s a brief extract from the new June edition:

Carlsberg In-Store

We love this giant World Cup 2014 floor sticker, as seen in Asda and supported by several brands …

Budweiser In-Store

This Budweiser fridge is a cool, clear winner, made even more effective by the internal lighting …

Colgate In-Store

This Colgate display – again in Asda – looks great, with an eye-catching central product feature …