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Pumping up the Portfolio

Most design companies would agree that keeping your portfolio up to date is a never-ending task. In fact, it’s a bit like painting the Forth Bridge! Still, over the past couple of weeks we’ve managed to upload some of our favourite recent projects … and we’re busily preparing lots more.

Here’s a few examples from our latest body of work …

Maryland Mix'ems product launch by Juice Creative

First up is this vibrant in-store and trade campaign for Maryland Mixems. Our client Burton’s Biscuits asked us to create a full suite of communications material to promote the launch of this new range of cookies containing special ingredients like candy shells, fruit jellies, chocolate chunks and toffee popcorn.

Taking our cue from the bright colours of both the packaging and the special ingredients, we developed a versatile range of design assets. As well as designing trade and consumer ads, and various items of POS, we also created brand guidelines to ensure the consistent application of our new look-and-feel across all applications.

Aqata Brochure by Juice Creative

Second is this stylish new brochure we designed for Aqata, a UK company with around 30 years of experience designing and manufacturing luxury shower enclosures and showering products. The client wanted to promote the family-owned nature of their business, with an emphasis on quality and craftsmanship.

We developed a new luxury look for the Aqata brochure built around high-quality photography – which we art directed – and a suite of cutting edge CG product renderings.

In terms of layout, we rebuilt the brochure from the ground up, to ensure clarity of communication and ease of navigation. We also incorporated feature spreads highlighting special design elements and hand-crafted details.

Oakley Prizm Display


Finally we have this slick in-store demonstration system for Oakley Prizm™, a range of snow goggles using a revolutionary lens technology designed to enhance contrast and visibility.

For this one-off display in Oakley’s flagship store, we designed a simple, monolithic pedestal to make the most of the eye-catching Oakley Prizm graphics, and to support the video display essential to the interactive shopper experience.

For more details about these and other projects, visit our portfolio page.

Promoting Melton Mowbray Pork Pies

Dickinson & Morris promotional leaflet

Dickinson & Morris are makers of authentic Melton Mowbray Pork Pies and owners of Ye Olde Pork Pie Shoppe. This premises is famous worldwide as the home of the Melton Mowbray Pork Pie, and has become one of Leicestershire’s top tourist attractions. When Dickinson & Morris asked us to create some new literature to promote their brand and products around the world, we jumped at the chance to support a local business with global appeal.

We began by researching the extensive heritage of the Dickinson & Morris brand, and the special qualities of their unique product. Our research enabled us to write compelling copy that tells a fascinating story. Here’s an extract:

Pork pies have their origins in small medieval pies called “coffyns”, made with pastry so hard that the pie could be cooked by placing it directly on to hot coals. Early recipes often combined meat with fruit and spices. Pork was popular as a filling in the autumn, when pigs were traditionally slaughtered ready for winter.

Mary Dickinson was the first to use a wooden dolly to raise a delicious edible pastry case, and is thus considered the originator of the hand raised pork pie. The Dickinson family business opened the original Melton Mowbray pork pie shop on Nottingham Street, Leicester, UK in 1851. When Joseph Morris became John Dickinson’s partner in 1901, the business we know today as Dickinson & Morris was founded.

With the copy approved, we added plenty more mouth-watering ingredients, including patriotic graphics which reinforce the Dickinson & Morris “Made in the UK” message, and original “woodcut” illustrations to give everything an authentic historic feel. Mixed together and cooked to perfection, our recipe served up what we think is a simple yet vibrant and hard-working leaflet.

In short – just like the Melton Mowbray Pork Pies it celebrates – our promotional literature for Dickinson & Morris looks great and is packed full of meaty content!