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Whiskas-WWF Campaign Wins IPM Awards

IPM Silver Award - Whiskas WWF Campaign - Juice CreativeJuice Creative is proud to have picked up not one but two IPM Silver Awards, in an annual ceremony held by the Institute of Promotional Marketing.

The awards were won by Mars Petcare for “Help Protect a Tiger”, a massive in-store campaign run by Whiskas in partnership with the World Wildlife Fund. The creative work was delivered by Juice. Against stiff competition, the campaign won Silver status not only in the Household and Petcare category, but also in the category for Charity Partnership Marketing.

Whiskas WWF in-store posterWhiskas asked Juice to develop the campaign to support their WWF-partnered on-pack promotion. One of the key requirements was to make an instant emotional connection with the consumer. To achieve this, we made the creative decision to replace the adult tiger from the Whiskas pack with an appealing tiger cub.

We developed our creative treatment for multiple formats and channels, then rolled it out nationwide. It was a great success, with in-store KPIs not only met but doubled – and in some cases quadrupled. The campaign was also showcased as “best practice” in the Waitrose Brand Guidelines.

About the Awards

According to the IPM website, “The IPM Awards have been running for 40 years, and recognise creativity and effectiveness in promotional marketing campaigns. In 2014, there were 32 separate main categories, covering client industry sectors, media channels, objectives and techniques, plus five special categories.”

Here’s what Richard Pink, IPM’s Head of Awards, had to say about this year’s ceremony, which took place on 10th June at the London Hilton, Park Lane:

The evening was a great success, with more than 500 people thronging the ballroom at the London Hilton to celebrate the best of the best in promotional marketing – and also to raise money and awareness for the IPM’s chosen good cause, education charity CoppaFeel!

Whiskas WWF in-store

Why Promote In-Store?

Last week, Retail Gazette reported on the latest research from the Office for National Statistics (ONS), in an article which stated:

UK retail sales figures for April have exceeded economist’s expectations and grew 6.9 percent compared with the same month a year earlier. It is the strongest annual rise in ten years.

With many commentators suggesting that consumer confidence is on the rise, we think this is a great time to reflect on the importance of the retail environment to the average UK shopper. Specifically, we think it’s more important than ever for manufacturers to promote their products at the point of purchase.

Here at Juice Creative, we believe a picture speaks a thousands words. So here are some of the hard facts that inform our philosophy as in-store specialists … in pictorial form*.

Juice Creative In-Store Facts - 1


Juice Creative In-Store Facts - 2


Juice Creative In-Store Facts - 3

Shopping statistics courtesy of POPAI: “POPAI – The Grocery Display Effectiveness Study 2013” and “POPAI – Shopper Engagement Study 2012”

Juice Retail Report – March 2014


It’s time to stop all that monkey business and go bananas for the March 2014 edition of the Juice Retail Report!

This month, our research team came down from the trees for a romp through all the major retailers, picking over everything that’s ape-pealing in merchandising and point of sale. Weighing in at 112 pages long, their report is bigger than Bigfoot! The team didn’t mention PG Tips, but they did gather information on 25 categories from Beer, Wine & Spirits to Cooking Sauces, Healthcare to Petcare.

Their undercover activity (commonly known as gorilla marketing) also turned up some funky fixtures for Sport Relief and Mother’s Day, plus a beautifully merchandised Free Bowl offer from Whiskas. Regular readers will be pleased to learn our popular Visible Trends feature is back, shedding light on what’s growing strong in the in-store jungle.

If you’re ready to munch on the Juice Retail Report, swing over to our subscription page. Before you join the party, however, we’re gibbon you a little taster:

Tesco Clubcard Fuel Save display

Tesco have stepped up to a higher gear for their Fuel Save campaign – this front of store display looks amazing …

Hellman's Mayonnaise in Asda

Discovered in Asda, we loved the simplicity of this secondary packaging to showcase new packaging innovation …

Tesco Professional Kitchenware standee

Back in Tesco, this die-cut standee promoting a special offer on Thomas Kitchenware is on the cutting edge …

Juice Creative Retail Report – February 2014

Juice Retail Report - February 2014

What’s that? Speak up! You’ve been eagerly waiting for us to announce the release of the next Juice Creative Retail Report?

Well, why didn’t you say?

This latest edition of our regular in-store survey is bigger and better than ever, with no fewer than 22 categories listed in its 129 pages. As well as old favourites like Biscuits, Cooking Sauces, and Petcare, our research team has also turned its attention to seasonal treats including Pancake Day and Valentine’s Day. And how could we ignore all the fantastic point-of-sale that’s been constructed (brick by brick) to promote The Lego Movie?

You’ll also want to check out our new Visible Trends feature, in which we pick out a few recent developments that caught our collective eye.

To tune into the Juice Creative Retail Report, just turn your dial over to our subscription page. To keep you amused while the transistors are warming up, here’s a small selection from this month’s programme:

McVities "Sweeet" campaign aisle

McVities “Sweeet” campaign makes an impact in this Tesco biscuit aisle …

Garnier Belle Color POS

In Carrefour, Garnier brings the hairdresser to you, helping with purchase decisions …

Marks & Spencer Valentine's Day display

Lovely Valentine’s Day display in M&S, with a very personal, non-corporate feel …

Whiskas Roars Into Stores with WWF

Whiskas WWF in-store posterEveryone likes a roaring success. That’s why we’re delighted by the fantastic response to our “Help Protect a Tiger” in-store campaign, developed for our client Whiskas, along with their campaign partners the World Wildlife Fund.

As soon as we were hired by Whiskas, we embarked on an extensive programme of research and concept development, determined that we were going to knock this one out of the park. The breakthrough came when we took the decision to make a subtle change to the on-pack creative, replacing the adult tiger from the Whiskas pack with an appealing tiger cub. Our reasoning? With this project, there was a powerful need to make an instant emotional connection with the consumer. Believe us, there are few things more guaranteed to do that than a baby animal.

At all stages during the project’s subsequent development, we ensured our creative solutions were closely aligned with the Whiskas brand beliefs. Finally, once the creative treatment was locked down, we developed it in multiple formats, across multiple channels, ready for a nationwide rollout.

The results of our efforts speak for themselves. The Whiskas/WWF campaign has been a huge success, with in-store KPIs being not only met but doubled – and in some cases quadrupled! As well as securing prestigious solus gondola end positions in five of the UK’s biggest groceries, the campaign was showcased as “best practice” in the Waitrose Brand Guidelines.

Overall, we achieved the following:

  • 12,308 quality points of interruption on the shopper journey
  • 57.3 million opportunities to see via in-store POS
  • 99.1% POS compliance

Perhaps most importantly, the WWF team are happy too. Here’s what they had to say, through their spokesperson Nicky Day, Director of Corporate Partnerships at WWF-UK:

WWF is absolutely delighted by the extremely strong in-store campaign around the 2013 “Help Protect a Tiger” partnership. The creative is eye-catching and it has been fantastic to see the scale of positive response by UK supermarkets and specialist retailers alike, with co-branded gondola ends and free-standing Whiskas tiger displays.

Special thanks go to the Mars Petcare Customer Marketing Team, and to Nick at Juice, for bringing together our common interest and turning it into an impactful design. The level of in-store presence is truly gold-standard for a UK cause marketing campaign.

Juice Creative Retail Report – Festive Edition

Juice Retail Report - 2013 Festive Edition

Just when you thought you’d seen the back of the 2013 Christmas season, here’s a special festive edition of our legendary Juice Creative Retail Report. This issue is so big we’ve had to split it into two parts: one for November, the other for December. Talk about a Christmas cracker!

So what’s inside this seasonal treat? Well, you don’t get a party hat, but you do get 164 pages of in-store photos and insights, lovingly gathered by our team of elf investigators. Battling through the winter weather (and resisting the urge to gorge themselves on candy canes and Quality Street) the Juice Creative elves reported back on 19 categories including biscuits, dairy, petcare and toys. Not surprisingly, Christmas point of sale was high on their list, but they also found time to check out a few Easter promotions. Easter? At Christmas? Well, that’s retail for you.

To unwrap the complete Juice Creative Retail Report, visit our subscription page. At the risk of spoiling the surprise, we’ve laid out a few highlights below:

Shell Helix Lego Minigure Standee

A giant Lego minifigure gives a Shell Helix promotion stunning standee standout in this garage forecourt …

Asda Christmas Aisle 2013

This Asda Christmas aisle brilliantly combines 3D headers with a super-sized floor sticker …

Lanson Christmas Promotion

Mini Santa jackets deliver an enticing seasonal upgrade to these Lanson Champagne bottles …

Bringing back Burton’s Fish’n’Chips

Burton's Fish'n'Chips Share BagYes, it’s true – Britain’s favourite retro snack is back! Popular 1980s nibbles Burton’s Fish‘n’Chips, recently voted the nation’s favourite retro snack by readers of The Sun, have returned to the shelves.

Nearly one third of people who took part in the national newspaper poll voted for Fish‘n’Chips, creating a unique opportunity for Burton’s Biscuits to engage with all those customers hungry for nostalgia … and to excite a whole generation unfamiliar with the mouth-watering brand and ready to get their taste buds wrapped around something new.

Having won a competitive creative pitch, Juice Creative took on the task of designing and delivering the Burton’s Fish‘n’Chips in-store launch campaign. First came the trade communications, showcasing our cheeky takeaway sales presenters.

Once we’d engaged the buyers, we created a suite of mouth-watering in-store promotion and display items – including posters, shelf barkers, free standing display units, and even a set of funky “chip-cone” dump bins – all designed to catch the eye and shout out the irresistible message: “They’re Back!”

As well as making a splash in-store, we also used our innovative AR (augmented reality) technology to create a series of interactive head office events, inviting people to net themselves a virtual fish and photograph their catches for posterity.

Consumer response to the relaunch has been overwhelmingly positive, with social media spreading the word at an astonishing rate. Here’s what Stuart Wilson, Chief Marketing Officer at Burton’s Biscuits, has to say about the event:

Consumers and the trade have been petitioning for the reintroduction of Burton’s Fish‘n’Chips through high profile campaigns which have grown in momentum recently. Now is definitely the right time to reintroduce Burton’s Fish‘n’Chips to complement our existing range of Great British brands.

Burton's Fish'n'Chips in-store campaign by Juice Creative

Juice Retail Report – October 2013

Juice Retail Report October 2013

What’s this? A Juice Creative Retail Report dating back to October 2013? That’s no way to start the New Year.

The truth is, we had such an incredibly busy time on the run-up to Christmas, we’ve only just got round to shouting about this, our latest survey of everything worth looking at in-store. As always, our researchers have cast their nets far and wide to bring you an impressive catch. Diving deep into uncharted waters, they’ve even found the odd piece of merchandising treasure. The result? A retail report that’s guaranteed to make a splash!

This time around, we’ve fished through a whopping 20 categories, from old favourites like cooking sauces, rice and petcare, all the way through to seasonal delights including Christmas and Diwali. In fact, we caught so much in our nets that we had to expand our final report of 2013 to a whale-sized 104 pages.

To read the complete Juice Creative Retail Report, hold your breath and jump into the deep end that is our subscription page. If you just want to dip your toe in the water, check out the highlights below:

Tesco - Ribena free beaker promotion

Spotted in Tesco, the colourful free beakers look spectacular on top of these Ribena bottles …

Wickes - Paint aisle header and merchandising

In Wickes, this unusual header makes a real impact above immaculate merchandising of their paint range …

Odeon Cinema - The Lego Movie standee

Wow! You can’t miss this stunning standee for “The Lego Movie” in the foyer of the Odeon Cinema …

Juice Retail Report – August 2013

Juice Retail Report August 2013

Drop everything! The very latest Juice Creative Retail Report is hot off the press and ready for download! As always, it’s an up-to-the-minute showcase of all that’s good (and a few things that are bad) in the ever-changing in-store arena.

For this bumper summer issue, our indefatigable investigators braved the scorching weather to hunt down examples of great retail merchandising and display. They trekked through 18 different categories, ranging from ambient and chilled desserts to petcare, rice and toys. They even learned some useful lessons from the seasonal Back to School fixtures that have been popping up all over the place. Their 93-page illustrated report on the whole steamy affair is hot stuff!

To read the full Juice Creative Retail Report, just head over to our subscription page and register your details. To get you warmed up, here are a few highlights:

Spicentice Rub in Woodlands Nursery and Garden Centre

We love the beautiful packaging of these Spicentice barbecue rubs in Woodlands Nursery and Garden Centre

Kelloggs Corn Flakes shipper in Aldi

This Kellogg’s shipper is working hard in Aldi, just in time for students to stock up ready for university


This Fox’s Coffee Biscuits feature gets great placement in Tesco, but the unit isn’t standing up to the job …


"Bic to School" display unit

Bic Display Unit

We’re really proud of this Bic stationery display unit we designed and produced, and which has just starting appearing in stores around the UK. The cross-shaped concept maximises the number of product facings. Add in that cheeky central bin shaped like a pencil and you’ve got a merchandising feature that not only looks good, but works hard too. No wonder the store manager we spoke to described it as ‘one of the best display units I’ve ever seen.’