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Pall-Ex Direct Mail – Food

Pall-Ex food mailer

A good piece of direct mail is like a well-cooked meal. For a start, it has to look so delicious that you can’t stop yourself tucking in. It must also be easy to digest. Finally, it has to leave you feeling satisfied.

We thought hard about all this when were invited by Pall-Ex – the UK and Europe’s leading palletised freight distribution network – to create a direct mail campaign designed to target a specific sector of their market – namely the food industry. Knowing that all Pall-Ex freight is processed through a clean, secure hub, we were inspired to create this simple but memorable “food can” mailer.

When the can lands on the recipient’s desk, it offers no clue about what it contains. Nevertheless, the strong branding and engaging mechanic invite immediate investigation. Opening the can reveals a rolled-up mini-presenter detailing the benefits offered by Pall-Ex to the food industry, rounded off by a strong call to action.

Talk about a tasty treat!

Pall-Ex Direct Mail – Print Trade

Professionals in the print trade want their deliveries to arrive on time, and in perfect condition. That’s true whether it’s raw paper coming in, or finished brochures going out. So when we were asked by Pall-Ex – the UK and Europe’s leading palletised freight distribution network – to create a direct mail campaign targeting the print industry, we knew we needed to make a big impression.

And here’s our design solution: a witty “printer’s proof” mailer.

Inside the branded postal tube is a rolled-up sheet telling the story of Pall-Ex’s experience and expertise in the print trade sector. Through text, images and “hand-written” comments, this mock proof communicates the benefits of Pall-Ex’s high quality and prompt service, all presented in a form even the busiest print professional will appreciate.

If you want to know why Juice Creative has the creative edge when it comes to direct mail … here’s the proof!

Pall-Ex Direct Mail – Pharmaceuticals

Pall-Ex Pharmaceuticals Mailer

Pall-Ex – the UK and Europe’s leading palletised freight distribution network – asked Juice Creative to create a direct mail campaign targeting specific sectors of their market. One sector was the pharmaceuticals industry.

Our research told us that the pharmaceuticals industry places high priority on three key factors:

  • Security
  • Ease of operation
  • Environmental credentials

Knowing this, we were able to come up with the perfect tonic for our target audience, in the form of this “headache tablet” box mailer. Inside the box (cleverly disguised as a packet of pills) is a zig-zag presenter outlining Pall-Ex’s specific advantages in this highly competitive sector.

All in all, a pain-free solution to a challenging direct mail brief!