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Surprise! Here’s our latest press ad

Juice Creative Press Ad - Surprise

Surprise! Our latest press ad is making a big impact.

If you’ve forgotten just how creative a design agency can be, then let Juice Creative open your eyes. Innovation is at the heart of our creative approach. Most important of all, we always deliver on our promises. So contact us now – with our 100% quality creative guarantee, what have you got to lose?

Metro Ad – "Stay On Track"

Juice Creative press ad - "Stay On Track"

If you’ve picked up today’s copy of Metro – the world’s biggest free newspaper – you might have seen this, our latest full page press ad.

At Juice Creative, we understand the immense challenges faced by marketing departments fighting to maintain market share, broaden brand awareness, build customer loyalty and increase sales uplift.

We know exactly how challenging it can be to keep your marketing activity on track and aligned with your strategy.

Never has the ‘noise’ been so loud and the competition so fierce, as in today’s B2B, trade and consumer markets.

This is why making the right choice of creative agency is so critical to your journey and can have a dramatic impact on your success.

At Juice Creative, we have the expertise to deliver result-based creative solutions that can help put you in the lead and place real distance between you and
your competitors.

To see how we can help keep your business on track, call: 0116 2841915

Elementary design

Boy with Bullhorn

We’re surrounded by imagery. Advertising is everywhere, whether its in print or digital form. We’re under constant bombardment from traditional broadcasting, down the phone line or fibre-optic cable or via our wi-fi connections. There’s just no stopping the flood.

Not only are there more images around than ever before, but we’ve also got more ways than ever to absorb them: TVs, tablets, smartphones and even the venerable PC. And yes, I’ve heard you can still go down to your local news-stand and pick up a printed magazine. Nowadays there’s no excuse for failing to have a viewing device with you at all times. The only time you get to switch off is when you close your eyes and go to sleep. But Google are probably working on that.

Add to that the frankly mind-boggling range of resources available to the modern graphic designer. Like all studios, we have a bunch of favourite websites we visit regularly to get our creative juices flowing. Here’s a small sample:

You’d think all this complexity means the process of design is becoming more complicated too. To some degree that’s true. It’s no longer good enough to design something beautiful that works only on an A4 page and maybe, if you really push the boat out, a 48-sheet billboard. You have to think multimedia. How good does this logo look when it’s reduced to a quart of pixels crammed into the pint-pot of a web banner? Can you keep your typestyles consistent across multiple platforms and operating systems? How will those devilishly intricate graphics look when they’re projected on to the side of a skyscraper for that all-important PR stunt?

Fair enough. But this means it’s more vital than ever that designers don’t confuse the medium with the message. Despite the ever-expanding variety of media available, the fundamental objective of all graphic communication is, well, to communicate. Good design means delivering a clear message with maximum impact. In that respect, the whole business of advertising and promotion hasn’t changed one bit.

In fact, the torrent of visuals we’re now subjected to makes it even more important to send out the clearest possible signal. How else are you going to cut through all the noise?

So how do you do that? The same way as always: tell a strong story backed up by unforgettable images and supported by an irresistible call to action.


Our top five favourite TV ads

Juice - Favourite TV AdvertsEveryone’s got a favourite TV ad. Here at Juice Creative, we’ve performed our own in-house survey to find out which ones really stick in our heads.

Certain themes quickly became apparent. Like potatoes. Votes rolled in for the Cadbury’s Smash “Martians” ads, not to mention the ad where those cheerful builders head home in their van singing, “We hope it’s chips, it’s chips!” (although not many remembered the commercial was for Birds Eye Steakhouse Grills).

Favourite car commercials included the Fiat Strada “Handbuilt by Robots” epic from 1979, and the more recent Honda “Cog” (you know, the one where the camera follows a delicately choreographed chain reaction of moving car components set up like the pieces in a Mousetrap board game). Both are very clever but, if it’s sheer entertainment you’re after, you’ll probably agree with Matt’s selection of Citroën’s “Dancing Robot”.

Those of us with a sweet tooth opted for the Cadbury’s “Gorilla” ad (in which a man in an ape suit plays drums to a Phil Collins track) and the old “P-P-P-Pick up a Penguin” chocolate biscuit commercial. By way of contrast, Susie picked the series of “Dancing Zingy” ads from EDF, because they make her laugh every time.

Here’s our top five list of favourites:

  • “Secret Lemonade Drinker” R Whites Lemonade – Nick is incapable of discussing this classic ad without breaking into song, proving that all the best ear-worms come from television advertisements.
  • “Snowman” Irn Bru – Mike likes this one because it’s “beautifully produced and laugh-out-loud funny”.
  • “Horse Surfer” Guinness – Phil picked this stunning ad from 2006 because of its amazing photography and phat track (Leftfield). “Just an amazing advert,” he says, “and looks great even now!”
  • “Orange Man” Tango – Mark’s long list of favourites (sometimes it’s so hard to choose, isn’t it?) features this controversial ad from the 1990s in which an orange-painted man jumps out on an unsuspecting Tango-drinker. The original ad, which showed the big guy slapping both hands on the drinker’s head, was banned after complaints about copycat playground stunts causing injuries to schoolchildren. The revised ad replaced the slap with a kiss.
  • “For Gifts You Can’t Wait To Give” John Lewis – Dave’s a big fan of this warm-hearted Christmas ad. “It’s a well-shot, well-executed concept,” he says.

They say it’s sex that sells but, if our list is anything to go by, it’s laughter that really hits the spot. What do you think of our choices? Use the comments box to agree or disagree. Better still, why not add some ideas of your own?

Juice in the news – again

Juice - Leicester Mercury Ad

Pick up a copy of today’s Leicester Mercury and you’ll see Juice Creative are in the news again with our stunning full-page “Dreams of steel” advert. We’ll let the copy speak for itself:

We can’t promise to leap tall buildings in a single bound. But if you’re looking for an award-winning creative design agency that’s as energetic, committed and passionate as your favourite superhero, look no further. When it comes to in-store campaigns, advertising and promotion, exhibitions and more, our concepts go beyond mere fantasy – they’re powerful enough to fly in the real world.