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Pumping up the Portfolio

Most design companies would agree that keeping your portfolio up to date is a never-ending task. In fact, it’s a bit like painting the Forth Bridge! Still, over the past couple of weeks we’ve managed to upload some of our favourite recent projects … and we’re busily preparing lots more.

Here’s a few examples from our latest body of work …

Maryland Mix'ems product launch by Juice Creative

First up is this vibrant in-store and trade campaign for Maryland Mixems. Our client Burton’s Biscuits asked us to create a full suite of communications material to promote the launch of this new range of cookies containing special ingredients like candy shells, fruit jellies, chocolate chunks and toffee popcorn.

Taking our cue from the bright colours of both the packaging and the special ingredients, we developed a versatile range of design assets. As well as designing trade and consumer ads, and various items of POS, we also created brand guidelines to ensure the consistent application of our new look-and-feel across all applications.

Aqata Brochure by Juice Creative

Second is this stylish new brochure we designed for Aqata, a UK company with around 30 years of experience designing and manufacturing luxury shower enclosures and showering products. The client wanted to promote the family-owned nature of their business, with an emphasis on quality and craftsmanship.

We developed a new luxury look for the Aqata brochure built around high-quality photography – which we art directed – and a suite of cutting edge CG product renderings.

In terms of layout, we rebuilt the brochure from the ground up, to ensure clarity of communication and ease of navigation. We also incorporated feature spreads highlighting special design elements and hand-crafted details.

Oakley Prizm Display


Finally we have this slick in-store demonstration system for Oakley Prizm™, a range of snow goggles using a revolutionary lens technology designed to enhance contrast and visibility.

For this one-off display in Oakley’s flagship store, we designed a simple, monolithic pedestal to make the most of the eye-catching Oakley Prizm graphics, and to support the video display essential to the interactive shopper experience.

For more details about these and other projects, visit our portfolio page.

Running the Gauntlet

The Gauntlet - promotional design by Juice CreativeIf you’re old enough to remember watching It’s a Knockout on the telly, you’ll know exactly what The Gauntlet is all about.

Run by The Lord’s Taverners – the UK’s leading cricket and disability sports charity – The Gauntlet is a fun-filled event in which local teams compete in a number of wacky challenges. This year’s inaugural event, held on Thursday 4th June, 2015, saw teams tackling various crazy stunts including:

  • Matching up over-sized socks in an enormous suds-filled washing machine!
  • Racing down a special course wearing enormous foam Giant costumes!
  • Scrambling their way through the inside of a gigantic chicken!

The Grand Finale of The Gauntlet comprised the King Richard III Royal Stakes. The winners of this headlong race to the finishing post were crowned as ultimate champions … but the real winners were the many worthy beneficiaries who benefitted from the funds raised.

As well as fielding its own team for The Gauntlet, Juice Creative was also proud to donate its time and expertise to the event. Juice designed and produced a wide range of promotional material, including adverts, programmes, banners and T-shirts. We also created the official The Gauntlet website.

Here’s what Juice director Nick Taylor had to say about The Gauntlet:

We were very proud to be a part of this wonderful local charity event, which has now raised an amazing £60,000. It’s great to see so many Leicestershire business pulling together like this to help the local community.

The Gauntlet - promotional design by Juice Creative

About The Lord’s Taverners in Leicestershire

The Leicestershire branch of The Lord’s Taverners has been in operation since 2011. Between 2013–2014, it raised over £120,000 for charities, via events including cricket days and X-Factor-style singing competitions.

With over thirty local business contributors, the Leicestershire branch of The Lord’s Taverners has funded major projects at centres including Birch Wood Area Special School in Melton Mowbray, as well as Ellesmere College and Warning Zone, both in Leicester.

Juice Retail Report – May 2015

Juice Retail Report - May 2015

Look inside the May 2015 edition of our regular Juice Creative Retail Report and you’ll find 75 pages of exclusive photos and insight exploring the latest retail trends. In the course of our research this month, we looked at 14 distinct categories, from Bakery to Dairy, Healthcare to Stationery. We also explored the seasonal aisles, and made sure we recorded anything else that captured our interest.

This latest retail report also includes our regular commentary column. This month, we’re revisiting the Great Supermarket Price War:

Nearly halfway into 2015, the focus on lower pricing looks set to stay as the multiples continue to compete with the discounters. This is no easy task. While 57% of shoppers are still using supermarkets for their main shop, 14% are now using discounters – a rise from 3% in the last four years alone. As for the recent performance of the big retailers … well, it hasn’t made for pretty reading!

The column goes on to analyse the latest price war strategies of the UK’s big grocery retailers, and offers speculation about what’s to come in the ongoing battle for retail supremacy.

To download the May 2015 edition of the Juice Creative Retail Report, visit our free subscription page. Here’s a small selection of its contents to whet your appetite:

Badger Beer in Tesco

The iconic badger of Badger Beers works well spread over two faces of the packaging. This base shelf position in Tesco helps too.

Surf in Morrisons

These hanging fins in Morrisons look fabulous – super-simple so that the Surf brand and creative really stand out.

Gorilla Glue in B&Q

This HUGE Gorilla Glue display in B&Q looks amazing from every angle. The graphics are great and tie in well to their ATL campaign.