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Juice Retail Report – June 2014

Juice Retail Report June 2014

There’s usually a lot going on in-store during the summer months. That’s why you’ll be glad to get your hands on the June edition of the Juice Retail Report.

As always, the report is packed full of photos and commentary about everything that’s happening in-store. The new June issue boasts 121 pages, and includes a special section on the key in-store events mounted by the UK’s major grocery retailers: Brazil 2014, Father’s Day and Ramadan – not to mention the multitude of promotions celebrating the Summer Season.

As well as the special events, you’ll also find our regular round-up of merchandising display trends across a wide range of categories, from Biscuits and Dairy to Healthcare, Hosiery and Petcare. We’ve also found further evidence of the ongoing retail price war, and picked out a handful of notable promotions such as Tesco’s Lifestyle Food Fair.

So how do you get your hands on the Juice Retail Report? Simple. Just visit our subscription page and sign up – it’s free! To show you what to expect, here’s a brief extract from the new June edition:

Carlsberg In-Store

We love this giant World Cup 2014 floor sticker, as seen in Asda and supported by several brands …

Budweiser In-Store

This Budweiser fridge is a cool, clear winner, made even more effective by the internal lighting …

Colgate In-Store

This Colgate display – again in Asda – looks great, with an eye-catching central product feature …

Why Not Browse Our Portfolio?

If you haven’t discovered our online portfolio yet, now’s the time to have a browse. It’s full of case studies about some of our most exciting creative projects, in categories ranging from advertising and branding through to packaging and sales promotion.

Here are some of our recent additions:

Dickinson & Morris promotional leaflet

Promotional leaflet for Dickinson & Morris, makers of authentic Melton Mowbray Pork Pies

Oakley Exclusive Heritage Collectors Box

Exclusive 30th Anniversary Heritage Collectors Box for luxury Oakley sunglasses

Hounds for Heroes - Crufts 2014

Exhibition stand for UK charity Hounds for Heroes at Crufts Dog Show 2014

Whiskas-WWF In-Store Promotion

Nationwide in-store campaign for Whiskas partnered with the World Wildlife Fund

Cathedral City Baked Bites in-store launch by Juice Creative

Integrated in-store launch and activation package for new Cathedral City Baked Bites

Burton's Fish'n'Chips

In-store nationwide launch campaign for popular retro snack Burton’s Fish’n’Chips

Promoting Melton Mowbray Pork Pies

Dickinson & Morris promotional leaflet

Dickinson & Morris are makers of authentic Melton Mowbray Pork Pies and owners of Ye Olde Pork Pie Shoppe. This premises is famous worldwide as the home of the Melton Mowbray Pork Pie, and has become one of Leicestershire’s top tourist attractions. When Dickinson & Morris asked us to create some new literature to promote their brand and products around the world, we jumped at the chance to support a local business with global appeal.

We began by researching the extensive heritage of the Dickinson & Morris brand, and the special qualities of their unique product. Our research enabled us to write compelling copy that tells a fascinating story. Here’s an extract:

Pork pies have their origins in small medieval pies called “coffyns”, made with pastry so hard that the pie could be cooked by placing it directly on to hot coals. Early recipes often combined meat with fruit and spices. Pork was popular as a filling in the autumn, when pigs were traditionally slaughtered ready for winter.

Mary Dickinson was the first to use a wooden dolly to raise a delicious edible pastry case, and is thus considered the originator of the hand raised pork pie. The Dickinson family business opened the original Melton Mowbray pork pie shop on Nottingham Street, Leicester, UK in 1851. When Joseph Morris became John Dickinson’s partner in 1901, the business we know today as Dickinson & Morris was founded.

With the copy approved, we added plenty more mouth-watering ingredients, including patriotic graphics which reinforce the Dickinson & Morris “Made in the UK” message, and original “woodcut” illustrations to give everything an authentic historic feel. Mixed together and cooked to perfection, our recipe served up what we think is a simple yet vibrant and hard-working leaflet.

In short – just like the Melton Mowbray Pork Pies it celebrates – our promotional literature for Dickinson & Morris looks great and is packed full of meaty content!

Juice Retail Report – May 2014

Juice Retail Report May 2014

The Juice Retail Report is gaining quite a reputation among design and marketing professionals. Why? Because it delivers a regular monthly snapshot of current trends in retail display.

In the May 2014 edition, you’ll find 104 pages of photos and commentary, painstakingly gathered by our intrepid team of researchers.During their travels, they explored no less than 21 different categories: Ambient Snack Meals, Chilled Desserts, Eggs, Toys and many more besides.

This month saw plenty of activity centred around Father’s Day. We also found ample evidence of the ongoing price war between the big grocery chains. Then there’s the inevitable flood of promotions driven by the Brazil 2014 World Cup (it’s fascinating to compare the official sponsors’s campaigns with all those unofficial ones that are cleverly jumping on the bandwagon).

Downloading the Juice Retail Report couldn’t be simpler. What’s more, it’s free! You’ll find all the details on our subscription page. To give you an idea of what to expect from its pages, here’s a brief extract:

Brazil 2014 World Cup - Mars in-store display in Co-op

In the Co-op, this spectacular archway by official World Cup sponsor Mars creates a great frame for the pallet drop beyond …


The Morrisons “I’m Cheaper” campaign is difficult to miss in this prime entrance spot, and keeps its impact throughout the store …

Robinsons Squashed stockholding unit in Asda

We love this brilliant Robinsons unit in Asda, with its clever combination of graphics and stockholding. Strange location though …