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Délifrance Product Catalogue

Delifrance Brochure - CoverWe love projects that get our creative juices flowing – well, with a name like ours, is that any surprise? Here’s a job that got our taste buds tingling too: a mouth-watering product catalogue we designed recently for global bakery business Délifrance.

This particular catalogue is a real milestone for our client, marking as it does their 3oth anniversary. Not that 1983 is the earliest point in the company’s evolution.

It all started way back in 1918 with the creation of Grand Moulins de Paris, the parent company of what later became Délifrance. Now part of the Nutrixo Group, Délifrance is a major French manufacturer of frozen breads, savouries, viennoiseries and pastries, with an ongoing commitment to using high-quality ingredients and original recipes to create that authentic French taste.

Oh, and did you know that Délifrance also invented the part-baked baguette?

Delifrance Brochure - PageThe product catalogue we designed to show off their tempting treats covers the entire UK range. Of course, the key to selling food product off the page is outstanding photography, so we didn’t hold back on that score.

Then there’s all the essential technical information and product features. With over 100 pages in the catalogue, as you can imagine, there’s quite a lot of it. With a brochure this size, ease of navigation becomes an important concern. For that reason, we clearly defined the various categories using a special double-page spread, and colour-coded the pages accordingly.

The resulting design is both simple to browse and luxurious to look at. It’s also – in our humble opinion – rather delicious!

Juice Creative project portfolio

Juice Creative project portfolioThe Juice Creative project portfolio is an ever-expanding gallery of the work coming out of our design studio and production facility. In many respects it’s the heart of our website, which is why we’re taking a moment here to shout about its many features.

Firstly, it’s packed full of great design projects, each one presented in handy bite-sized pieces. Never mind all those rambling paragraphs about how we did this and why we did that. When you visit the Juice portfolio, what you’ll get is a brief case study featuring great pictures and succinct text – just enough to satisfy your appetite without giving you indigestion.

Secondly, you can view the portfolio by category. Interested in sales promotion? Simple. Just click the appropriate tab at the head of the page and our database will automatically filter out everything else. The same applies whatever you’re interested in, from advertising to exhibitions, digital to in-store. If you’re having trouble choosing from our attractive array of offerings, well, you’ll just have to browse through the whole lot from beginning to end (modesty prevents us from pointing out this is actually a fantastic way to spend an afternoon).

Finally, the portfolio never stands still. This month alone we’ve added four new projects to the website … and there are plenty more waiting in the wings. So, in the unlikely event that you don’t find what you’re looking for, simply bookmark the page and come back soon!

"Bic to School" display unit

Bic Display Unit

We’re really proud of this Bic stationery display unit we designed and produced, and which has just starting appearing in stores around the UK. The cross-shaped concept maximises the number of product facings. Add in that cheeky central bin shaped like a pencil and you’ve got a merchandising feature that not only looks good, but works hard too. No wonder the store manager we spoke to described it as ‘one of the best display units I’ve ever seen.’