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Our top five favourite TV ads

Juice - Favourite TV AdvertsEveryone’s got a favourite TV ad. Here at Juice Creative, we’ve performed our own in-house survey to find out which ones really stick in our heads.

Certain themes quickly became apparent. Like potatoes. Votes rolled in for the Cadbury’s Smash “Martians” ads, not to mention the ad where those cheerful builders head home in their van singing, “We hope it’s chips, it’s chips!” (although not many remembered the commercial was for Birds Eye Steakhouse Grills).

Favourite car commercials included the Fiat Strada “Handbuilt by Robots” epic from 1979, and the more recent Honda “Cog” (you know, the one where the camera follows a delicately choreographed chain reaction of moving car components set up like the pieces in a Mousetrap board game). Both are very clever but, if it’s sheer entertainment you’re after, you’ll probably agree with Matt’s selection of Citroën’s “Dancing Robot”.

Those of us with a sweet tooth opted for the Cadbury’s “Gorilla” ad (in which a man in an ape suit plays drums to a Phil Collins track) and the old “P-P-P-Pick up a Penguin” chocolate biscuit commercial. By way of contrast, Susie picked the series of “Dancing Zingy” ads from EDF, because they make her laugh every time.

Here’s our top five list of favourites:

  • “Secret Lemonade Drinker” R Whites Lemonade – Nick is incapable of discussing this classic ad without breaking into song, proving that all the best ear-worms come from television advertisements.
  • “Snowman” Irn Bru – Mike likes this one because it’s “beautifully produced and laugh-out-loud funny”.
  • “Horse Surfer” Guinness – Phil picked this stunning ad from 2006 because of its amazing photography and phat track (Leftfield). “Just an amazing advert,” he says, “and looks great even now!”
  • “Orange Man” Tango – Mark’s long list of favourites (sometimes it’s so hard to choose, isn’t it?) features this controversial ad from the 1990s in which an orange-painted man jumps out on an unsuspecting Tango-drinker. The original ad, which showed the big guy slapping both hands on the drinker’s head, was banned after complaints about copycat playground stunts causing injuries to schoolchildren. The revised ad replaced the slap with a kiss.
  • “For Gifts You Can’t Wait To Give” John Lewis – Dave’s a big fan of this warm-hearted Christmas ad. “It’s a well-shot, well-executed concept,” he says.

They say it’s sex that sells but, if our list is anything to go by, it’s laughter that really hits the spot. What do you think of our choices? Use the comments box to agree or disagree. Better still, why not add some ideas of your own?

All aboard the shopper journey

Shopper JourneyWe all know what’s meant by “shopper journey”, don’t we? It’s the precise pathway taken by a consumer when they lever themselves off the couch and drive themselves to the local retail park to buy that special product they’ve had their eye on for a while.

If you’re the one in charge of selling that product, all you’ve got to do is engage the consumer at the right touchpoints along the journey and you’re pretty much guaranteed a sale. Simple, right? Well, it might be, if the shopper journey was as straightforward as that.

But it isn’t.

Take comparison shopping, for example, which might begin on the couch (as our imaginary consumer browses buying options on their smart TV) and continue all the way to the point of purchase (as the same consumer compares prices on their equally smart phone). Between the two there’s a lot of potential touchpoints, and lot of potential for a change of heart.

Even when the product’s sold and the customer’s left the store, the journey isn’t over. A quick post on Facebook or a review on a consumer website both count as another stop along the way. The shopper journey isn’t a single mainline route. It’s a complex, interconnecting network whose rails go both above and below ground. Occasionally there may even be an interconnecting bus service.

That’s why, when you’re thinking about an in-store campaign, you have to look outside the store too. In fact, you have to look everywhere. Everything’s connected. It’s not about just going from A to B. It’s about going from A to Z, and taking in every other letter along the way. Failing to take a holistic approach is like trying to run a railroad without any junctions: you might get up a good head of steam, but you’re never actually going to go anywhere.

So, when we tell you we’re in-store specialists, don’t imagine we’ve got our heads buried in the aisles. We haven’t. Our heads are exactly where they should be: stuck out of the window, taking in the view. It’s only by looking to the horizon that we get to imagine all the fabulous ideas that nobody’s ever thought of before.

Just like shoppers, we’re on a journey too.

Happy Eggs sell like hot cakes

Happy Egg Bulker

We’re always happy when we spot our creations out in the wild. Even more so when we see they’re doing their job properly. When we noticed how much stock had already been sold from the eye-catching in-store bulker we designed recently for The Happy Egg Company, it’s no wonder we left the store grinning from ear to ear!

Juice Retail Report – June 2013

Juice Retail Report June 2013

Yes folks, it’s that time of the month again. We’ve just published our latest Juice Creative Retail Report, featuring everything that’s moving and shaking in the wonderful world of in-store display.

Our tireless researchers have really outdone themselves this time, scouring the stores to bring you countless examples of great display and merchandising across 18 different categories ranging from batteries and biscuits to stationery and toys and beyond. There’s even a rogue’s gallery of  display fixtures that, in our opinion, don’t work so well. The result? A comprehensive illustrated report boasting a staggering 102 pages. Now that’s what we call worthwhile bedtime reading!

To read the full Juice Creative report, all you need to do is register your details here on our subscription page. To whet your appetite, here are a few highlights:

Halfords Display Unit

In Halfords, we found this unusual way of highlighting bulkier products – it works really well and has a nice choice of shape too.

Goodness Gang Display

The Goodness Gang is a new initiative in the Co-op aimed at driving the healthy eating message to youngsters, and enjoys great support around the store.

Cadbury Display Unit

This double-width Cadbury unit – spotted in Wilkinson – offers maximum impact, with the shelf/dumpbin making the most of stock and design space.

Can you promote your products in under a second?

Owl and ClockAccording to POPAI’s recent Grocery Display Effectiveness Study, marketers have got just 0.9 seconds to convince the average shopper to look at their display in-store. Crikey! We all know unrestricted use of the internet has lowered attention spans, but that’s just ridiculous, isn’t it?

You know what it’s like doing the weekly shop. You’re on autopilot, speeding down the aisle with your head down and your hands raking the same old products off the same old shelves, just like last week, and the week before that. Never mind what’s on display – you just want to get home and put your feet up in front of EastEnders.

When you look at it like that, it’s a wonder anyone ever buys anything new, right?

Wrong. Lots of interesting things can happen in one second or less. Below is our top ten list* … although, before we start, perhaps we should agree on our definition of ‘one second’. Here at Juice we reckon it’s the duration of 9,192,631,770 periods of the radiation corresponding to the transition between the two hyperfine levels of the ground state of the caesium 133 atom. Obviously.

  1. Light travels 299,792,458m (1 sec)
  2. Sound travels 340m at sea level (1 sec)
  3. Bamboo shoot grows 0.01mm (1 sec)
  4. Human heartbeat (0.85 sec)
  5. World’s fastest electric bike accelerates from 0-60mph (0.8 sec)
  6. Human reaction time, while driving (0.7 sec)
  7. Time it takes to say: ‘I do’ (0.5 sec)
  8. Human eye-blink (0.35 sec)
  9. One flap of a bee’s wings (0.05 sec)
  10. Lightning strike (0.00003 sec)

We’re not sure what all that proves, but one thing’s for certain: 0.9 seconds is more than enough time to grab a consumer’s attention. All you need is a single-minded strategy, a strong message and stunning design and execution. The in-store book is full of tricks and getting fuller by the day. Tricks like powerful graphics, engaging headlines and interactive eye-catchers. And with cutting edge display techniques like augmented reality rapidly gaining ground, there’s no telling what we’re going to see in the future. If only we had a time machine, we could find out.

Then again, the future is only 0.9 seconds away. See you there!

*All figures are average and/or approximate. Sources vary. In other words, don’t quote us!

Juice in the news – again

Juice - Leicester Mercury Ad

Pick up a copy of today’s Leicester Mercury and you’ll see Juice Creative are in the news again with our stunning full-page “Dreams of steel” advert. We’ll let the copy speak for itself:

We can’t promise to leap tall buildings in a single bound. But if you’re looking for an award-winning creative design agency that’s as energetic, committed and passionate as your favourite superhero, look no further. When it comes to in-store campaigns, advertising and promotion, exhibitions and more, our concepts go beyond mere fantasy – they’re powerful enough to fly in the real world.